Monday, October 26, 2009

Mustafa center Singapore introducing membership card

Whenever I use my LinkPonits card in NTUC, I thought about why mustafa is not introducing the membership card?

Initially I purchase all my stuffs in mustafa only, Travels, money transfer, groceries, vegetables, electronics and gold and so on... slowly I found some other places, even that still I am spending few thousands in mustafa, earlier it could be lot more.

Now mustafa is introducing member ship card, you can register and get your card in mustafa Center in Syed alwi road...

As of now the card is free, the processing time takes 4-6 minutes(not the queue waiting time), you have to fill a simple form, they took photo and finger prints(?!)

as of now the benefits of the membership card is not announced... but until yesterday more than 8500 cards has been issued :-)

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